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I am currently available for a new hourly Ruby on Rails or Node JS engagement.
I can work on-site in downtown Chicago or remotely, some travel possible.
I am NOT OPEN to hearing about salaried employment opportunities.



Chicago, Illinois

Current specialty: Ruby on Rails & Node JS/Express design and implementation

I'm an MIT grad software engineer with 15+ years full life-cycle experience, from requirements gathering, design & development to maintenance. I have been working in Ruby since 2008 and Node JS since 2018. Previously I had developed in C, C++, Java, and JavaScript. I also have training, authorship, consulting, and liaison experience.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  B.S. Electrical Eng.  National Merit Scholar.

Harvard University.  Graduate extension school coursework in expert systems, C++, object-oriented programming, and discrete mathematics.

WEB LINKS  – My professional web site.  – Includes recommendations from colleagues.  – Contains several tutorials, coding and design demo projects.


Highlights of my fifteen+ projects since 2008, all involving Ruby on Rails with a mix of primarily server-side and ancillary technologies plus front-end development.

Nutrien Ag Solutions (Loveland, CO)  2018 – 2019

·  Assisted with the development of a web portal to integrate the activities of employees and customers of a large agricultural producer and retail vendor in North America and worldwide. Development began in early 2018, and portions went live only a few months later.

·  Performed primarily Ruby on Rails and Node JS API development.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Node JS, Express, Postgres SQL.

University of Illinois Medical School (Chicago, IL)  2017 – 2018

·  Updated an existing Ruby on Rails web application deployed on Heroku that allows medical study managers to create and schedule a suite of messages to be emailed to study participants. Updates include implementation of user roles and multi-tenancy, which allows a single application instance to host multiple studies.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Postgres SQL, Heroku.

Home Access Health Corp. (Hoffman Estates, IL)  2017

·  Provided initial design and implementation of a Ruby on Rails web application pending hiring of permanent resources. This application is a port of an existing PHP web app. that allows health insurance customers to order lab test kits online.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 5, Amazon Web Services, Single Sign-On.

Pinnacol Assurance (Denver, CO)  2016 – 2017

·  Member of the Online Development group of Colorado’s largest issuer of workers' compensation insurance policies.

·  Performed development and bug fixes on a suite of Rails web applications that allows employers and agents to manage policies and claims by injured workers.

·  Temporarily assigned to the Business Support group to investigate and fix issues related to both the Rails and legacy Oracle Pro*C web applications. Familiarization with a wide variety of subsystems to make fixes with a minimum of support.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 4, Oracle SQL, Git, Rspec, Mac OS X.

Huron Consulting Group (Chicago, IL)  2015

·  Performed development and bug fixes for a legal document management system produced by Huron partner Allegory Law.

·  Worked primarily remotely, interacting with the lead Allegory developer in Oregon.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, Postgres SQL, Git, Paperclip, Vagrant, Resque, Rspec, Jira, Haml, jQuery, JavaScript, Mac OS X. (Chicago, IL)  2014 to 2015

·  Performed analysis, maintenance, and build-out for, a high-volume AWS-hosted multi-server application that provides new and used auto listing search to the public.

·  Worked on-site and remotely as part of a small team located in Chicago and Austin, TX.

·  Analyzed performance using New Relic and other techniques and proposed & implemented web app response improvements.

·  Implemented app monitoring features in the ActiveAdmin UI.

·  Documented briefings by departing general manager and others.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, RSpec, ActiveAdmin, Amazon Web Services, Sphinx, Vagrant, New Relic, Mac OS X.

Venture Interactive (Harrisonburg, VA)  2014

·  Designed and implemented a custom authentication scheme for a legal compliance training content management system in multiple languages using the Devise Ruby gem.

·  Implemented custom authorization for access to various resources based upon the user's role and project-level & language access.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, Devise, Linux, RubyMine.

Op4G (Portsmouth, NH)  2014

·  Added new functionality and fixed bugs in the admin and public websites for an online market research firm.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, Linux, Resque, RubyMine.

McDavid, Inc. (Woodridge, IL)  2013 to 2014

·  Assumed responsibility for deployment, maintenance, and improvement of the hybrid Rails/Windows Server website of a sports protection equipment manufacturer.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Git, Capistrano, Refinery, Ubuntu Linux, Windows Server 2008, IIRF.

Sears Holdings Corporation (Chicago, IL)  2012 to 2013

·  Designed and implemented features of a REST API that mediates between product orders placed on partner web sites and internal Sears services which perform fulfillment.

·  Implemented order tracking features in the Admin UI and order status reports.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, MySql, Mongo DB, Git, RSpec, ActiveAdmin, Jenkins, Jira, Mac OS X, Agile Methodology.

Local Offer Network (Chicago, IL)  2012

·  Designed and implemented Bayesian and other statistical modules for automatic categorization of new advertiser offers. Created a test program to analyze performance of the categorizers.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails 3, Mongo DB, MySql, RubyMine, Git, RSpec, Mac OS X.

Aon Hewitt Corp. (Lincolnshire, IL)  2011 to 2012

·  Designed and implemented new Ruby on Rails functionality for extensions to an existing health insurance sales and customer relationship management system and companion public website.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, Oracle, RubyMine, Subversion, Mac OS X.

Argonne National Laboratory (Lemont, IL)  2010 to 2011

·  Designed and implemented a radiation exposure management system in Ruby on Rails.

·  Interviewed radiation safety section staff regarding existing paper-based system.

·  Performed analysis and design. Implemented the replacement web application.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, Oracle, Ubuntu Linux, HTML, CSS, Subversion. (Chicago, IL)  2009 to 2010

·  Designed and implemented the mobile version of a leading entertainment website targeted towards the 21-35 age group in Ruby on Rails.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Mac OS X, HTML, CSS, Haml, Git.

Venture Interactive (Harrisonburg, VA)  2008 to 2009

·  Designed and developed the “MoodManager” Ruby on Rails web application to help users cope with depression. Delivered to the Northwestern University Medical School.

   Environment:  Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Subversion, Adobe Flash, Apache, Phusion Passenger, Windows XP (development), Linux (hosted Red Hat/Ubuntu).


·  Digimarc Corporation (Burlington, MA) & Polaroid Corp. (Bedford, MA) Analysis, design and implementation of several drivers license systems. (Java J2EE & C++)

·  Lotus Development Corp.  Sales Engineer - Munich, Germany. Provided support and trainings in German on Lotus Notes for value added resellers and customers.
Principal Software Engineer - Cambridge, MA. C-API development for a database product.

·  M.I.T. Project MAC (Cambridge, MA) MULTICS operating system development including: ARPANET software interface, graphics system, system internals.


·   Competent in German; studied Russian.

·   U.S. Citizen.